Searsport Shores Maine ocean camping


About us


Zaven & Rosalie, 1993

We landed on this cobblestone beach on Memorial Day 1993…Zaven & Rosalie (parents) and Astrig & Steven (daughter and son-in-law).  We’ve always shared a love of traveling, gardening, art and animals so we set out to become a destination for families who wanted a special, outdoor experience in a wonderful corner of coastal Maine.  During our first family business meetings, (at the picnic table), we adopted a single, guiding principal: we aren’t interested in being the biggest or the most profitable campground in the industry.  Our goal is to gather guests who are looking for warm hospitality, personal connections and unique experiences. Our success is defined by how often we say hello to returning guests or hear that someone new is here because of a recommendation from a friend or local business.  Instead of spending our money on advertising, we deliberately re-invest in the campground and donate to the causes that protect the people, culture and animals we value.  We consider ourselves lucky stewards of the land who live, work and play on these 160 acres 12 months a year.

When we’re not answering the telephone or grooming the 125 campsites, you’re apt to find us in the gardens, raking trails, tending the bee hives or working on an art project.  Our organic gardens feed us most of the year and provide extra veggies to share.  Our spinner’s flock of sheep and goats provide enough wool for our own blankets and sweaters plus a bit to sell in the camp store.  Andy, Millie, Binx and the rest of the flock love it when you feed them your leftover veggies and sit for a while scratching them behind the ears. We save up to travel to destinations that teach us more about low impact living and bring back ideas that reduce our carbon footprint and add to the joy in our world.

The Makers Guild of Maine is hosted on the grounds of Searsport Shores.  What started as a few campground art classes in the early 90’s has developed into a full blown program that includes crafts, music and great food.  In fact, the program became so successful that in 2017 it spun off as federally recognized not for profit with a mission to educate and promote traditional handcrafts and music.  We recognize that when grandparents and grandchildren play together, bonds are strengthened and everyone’s lives are enriched.  Searsport Shores has a weekly artist in residence program during the summer and in September the Guild hosts Fiber College of Maine, Bluegrass Jam Camp and the Old Time Music Campout. (Add hotlinks) In 2018 we’re collaborating on a new program called Wednesday at the Shores…an opportunity for community members and campground guests to come together for a guided jam, flat breads and weaving at the looms.  Anyone is invited to set up a free craft table and we look forward to seeing you there.

Steve & Astrig, 2018

Stated clearly: Searsport Shores Ocean Camping offers RV and tent sites overlooking Maine’s Penobscot Bay. Kayaking, hiking, private beach, lobsters, organic gardens, fishing, playground, campground trails, rentals, activities, dog park and a whole lot more. If you want something a little more unique, check us out!