LP Gas Refill Station: We fill LP tanks, travel trailers and motorhomes.

The Searsport Shores Campground LP Gas Refilling Station is open seven days a week, 8 A.M. – 7 P.M. (other times may be arranged by special request). Our staff is trained to fill portable propane cylinders and tanks, motorhome tanks and travel trailer cylinders.

Please make sure your tank or cylinder has it’s current inspection label and an OPD (Overfill Prevention Device ) To check, just make sure the propane cylinders have a triangle shaped valve knob. This applies to all tanks between 4 & 40 lbs.

The campground’s LP station includes a scale for checking the tanks filled weight, which is another way to make sure your getting the most for your propane dollar. For more on the benefits of refilling stations over tank trading click here. Now, let’s get barbecuing.


Park Me, Please!
What’s the primary source of entertainment in ANY campground? Watching someone else back into a site of course.

It’s been a long trip with the grandchildren and you haven’t practiced backing up in a while. Your partner is cranky and all you can think about is having a cool soda while you walk on the beach before the sun goes down.

Just park near the office and mention you’d like some help parking while you are at check-in. Or call ahead for the ultimate VIP treatment…we’ll meet you, settle you onto the site and then you can walk up and take care of the check-in details.

No problem parking? Then let us escort you by following our golf cart to your site. It makes it easier for you to find, we can help with backing up (always good for your relationship!) and we’ll introduce you to your neighbors.

RV and Boat Storage at the Campground
Storage for your canoe or kayak is available at the beach. Larger boats on trailers are stored up by the office. The harbor for launching larger boats is one mile from the campground.

RV and trailer storage is available during the camping season (if you need to take off on a short trip to Canada or just want to leave it behind for your next camping vacation.

Winter storage and winterizing are also available and is free to all seasonals. The owners live at the campground year round if you need to give a call.

You COULD scrabble, scramble, struggle or stumble…to get to the beach. But at the Shores, our guests only walk a few feet.

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